Live Plant Taxiphyllum Barbieri Java Moss for Freshwater Planted Tank 1x1 inch

Live Plant Taxiphyllum Barbieri Java Moss for Freshwater Planted Tank 1 oz


Taxiphyllum barbieri is often called Java moss, but it is not true Java moss. This is a great moss for all tropical aquariums and vivariums. This species does not require any special care. It accepts all kinds of water, even weakly brackish, and all kinds of light qualities. It does best at 70 to 75° Fahrenheit (21 to 24° Celsius), but can live in temperatures of up to 85 to 90°F (29 to 32°C). It makes a good foreground plant. In tanks it should be planted where there is good water flow. Due to its clinging nature Taxiphyllum barbieri can also be formed into a moss wall. This can be accomplished by folding a net and spreading the moss evenly across it. Then, the net can be secured together by polyester strings, and held on the tank wall by using suction cups.

This moss can be used to help Fry Fish (baby fish) hide from bigger fish. It is also an excellent food source for young, growing fish. It can be left floating or attached to a surface like or . Anchor it in place with any rocks or in your aquarium and it will grow quickly. The fish provide all the fertilizer needed for your moss to grow.



·        Ideal for aquascaping – popular foreground moss

·        Very undemanding and great for beginners

·       CO2 – 0-20mg/L

·       You will receive 1x1 inch of Taxiphyllum Barbieri with this order.

Note: The picture is representative of many plantlets.

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